Friday, September 23, 2005

Love is a four letter word

It hurts to see the pain in a friend’s eyes. But as much as I wished it were otherwise, all love is doomed. All love always ends in one just way – pain. Be it through death, loss or unrequited-ness. As a friend once told me, love is a four letter word. Take heart, don’t pain. If there’s one thing that you can be sure of now, it is that you’ll fall in love again. And cry once more.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Just wondering if the missing apostrophe in Schrodingers Bekku is deliberate.

Thanks for this write up . It soothes but as you know there's no cure.

Life is to be lived and pain to be endured. What Nietzsche once remarked is worth quoting, Will is the manner of men, willingness of women.

Shenoy said...

yes it is. blog allows not the use of an apostrophe. and the title just for the sake of continuity.

and yes, it cannot cure. at least life has a cure called death, love has none.