Saturday, September 03, 2005

are you a leftist or a right-winger?

If your chioce was any one of the above, then you've just followed the one-dimensional categories of right and left, which by the way was just the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly of 1789. Quite inadequate for the complex political landscape of today.
While the old ones just took economic leanings, a need was felt to add to this the social angle also. All political ideology i feel has to have an economic perspective and a social viewpoint as well. While this becomes a little difficult in this land of ours as social viewpoints usually overlap with religious opinions. So that said, where do you stand? Take the POLITICAL COMPASS TEST. It just takes about 3-5 minutes and rates you on two axes – economic and social. You could end up as one of these four: Libertarian Left, Libertarian Right, Authoritarian Left or Authoritarian Right. And once you see where you stand they also have a reading list applicable to your quadrant. Make sure you take a peek into the Ichonochasms section. It'll not just raise a few eyebrows but as they say "lead you to adjust the pedestals on which you placed some of your favourite icons".

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