Friday, April 28, 2006

basic nonsense

Just think. Even a hardcore Sharon Stone fan falling asleep and that too when Basic Instinct 2 is in full swing. And that too after having said “No one gives a hard as Stone does. To see what I mean, watch Basic Instinct 2. Mind blowing stuff!” Poor Cow! Did not know that the best parts of the movie were exhausted in the trailer, and that the “other” best parts are best viewed from ones inbox or at rapidshare if one’s friend had a paid account and he gives you access to view the real basic instinct. Thanks Mall Rat!! (Mall as in Kerala, not Mall as in Forum).

Poor Cow! He deserved better.

The only rush of blood to the head (the one atop the neck) happened with just about 5 minutes of the movie to go, when the Digital Dolby Sound at PVR decided to go silent. And without any fuss, they continued playing the movie and next thing you know the credits were on and the screen started closing. Many grumblings later, the first of the confrontations with the congenitally stupid staff at PVR revealed to us the absurd notion of audio censorship “Sir, that’s been cut out. Only picture you can see, not sound.” Anger happened. More blood to the head. Exhortations to fellow viewers happened. And in jumped yours truly threatening them with dire consequences, not through a hot head, but through smart ass witticisms. Leading from the front, refunds were asked for. Or else we will give into to the baser instinct for dignified violence we said. And finally after many minutes, they played the last 5 minutes again, this time with audio. And it is at this point that I think the Cow woke up.

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