Monday, March 02, 2009

speak to me

At last count i can speak gibberish, hindi, roughly about two dialects of kannada, ditto for konkani, tulu, nonsense, a smattering of tamil and jargon, and one foreign language, english. Now pray tell me, how does this make you insecure and inferior and feed your combative impulses?


Anonymous said...

Oh actually this boosts my superiority complex see i can speak enough hindi to listen to some girl going blah blah about her and her relationships..... and give some advice/gyaan/pravachan... for 30 - 40 mins a day..

Ofcourse i already know tamil and english enough to go on yapping for 24 hrs a day.. straight

A smattering of kannada......a teeny weeny bit of malayalam and telugu... I rock dude :D

Jai said...

Aright so that should make me the LingoSuperior ;)

Here's my claim (boast) :P

Fluent speak:
Tamil + 2 dialects
Hindi + 2 dialects

Decent Speak:

Smattering speak:

I've tried my hand at learning :
Quenya - with very less success
Bengali- didn't get very far but I will someday
Mathematics - Got a bit of vedic mathetics, but still far to go
Sign language - got this a bit too, cuz of a friend
ShortHand - yep good fun this one.
Java - Am okay with this one

So there you go. ;-)

Jai said...

Heck! I forgot to add -

Smattering speak:

Shenoy said...

JAI ho! we have a winner! Some CunningLinguist you are :)

Jai said...

Right, no need to diss a decent fellow by callin him a ho :P

And it ain't no cunning either!

But in good spirits I shall accept the accolades and applause. hehehe