Thursday, January 25, 2007

of boners and bibles

After the amazingly hilariously juvenile fun we all derived from reading about Boners – or rather about Batman’s Greatest Boner in particular – it’s time to move on to more serious topics. Like this!And remember, don’t do drugs (oh yeah!?). Reality is much better. And rehab is for quitters.
Speaking of boners in the bibles, this bible storyteller is going down. Rot in hell you sacriligious dog!


Anonymous said...

scandalous...but jus wat i like!!

J said...

im not sure i agree with you about the less clothes bit/ half naked bit

however I appreciate your post and the image has been removed.

I agree it was flippant.

Keep in touch-

J said...

"i think you guys are going about the whole wrong way. that whatever-it-was on brigade road you did gave me (or so my feeble mind gathered from the article) was that you're basically trying to make a spectacle out of yourself and in some perverse way want to be seen"

- participate with your sisters to know any better.

Jai said...

Wow a bible boner? hehe

Hey no link to view that image in a bigger res?