Friday, March 24, 2006

Speaking of inners

Those who live in glasshouses should not change their clothes with their lights on. Unfortunately, the Congress Party, I mean, Sonia ‘NRI’ Gandhi seems not to have known about this. Which is why they’re in the state they’re in. At a time when parallels were being drawn with the Emergency Days, and left with no choice but to resign, she did what she had to resign. But still saying “sacrifice”. And the definitions of the word ‘martyr’ seem to be changing. Sonia, I mean the Congress Party, thinks us all a bunch of fools, which I guess we are. That’s it. For a nice take on Sonia, I mean, the Congress Party, no, I mean, Sonia, go to the communal cow as he goes about Deconstructing Sonia, with his trademark puns, neologism and spelling mistakes.

This is Inner Voice Ver2.0. Go, know more about the high falutin’ Inner Voice Ver1.0. And yes, NRI means Not Required Italian.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Bekku's trademark venom in the midst of a fabulous drama such as this? Liked your pun on Diva. May your tribe increase, brother!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, how much can we take? The great Congress story by the way the family is thriving.

check the below characters of the great tragedy that has been unfolding

Good Grand Mother Sacrificing Life (IG)

Good Father Sacrificing Life (RG)

Someone else taking over the Gaddi and sidelining the heirs (Narashima Rao)

Evil Caretaker of the other virasaat( Sitaram Kesari)

Wronged Mother back in power looking after the virasaat. (Sonia)

Current Honest and Gullible Caretaker ( Mr Singh)

Son coming back to take back virasaat. (Rahul back in reins)

Imagine the levels that our GOP men would go to when Rahul decides on sacrificing his personal life to do good for the masses. The chamchas of JJ would look like KG bacchas. That would be a site to watch. Surely you would have a good line to write about that.

BTW imagine if Rahul wouldn’t dumped his Venezuelan sweetie, Then the kids would have been a sweet addition to our politics. Indian+ italian+ Venezuelan

Anonymous said...

Bekku, Is there a way your hyperlinks can open in a new window. It helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, i totally agree. And a nice rogues gallery of characters you've drawn too. and best of all the way you've put it, nice, makes them seem like characters out of a Ramesh Lakhiani (of Kopdi fame) movie. But who be you anomymous? and as for the opening links in new window frantic search is on for HTML code, once found and understood, it shall be incorporated into all future posts.
and in future comments, at least try to leave your initials behind on comment like i will do now - TGS

Shenoy said...

hey communal cow, theBekku only spews venon when provoked, which going by the state of this country and its people is almost everyday, every hour. So theBekku has increased his Threshold for Provocation, which by the way is still very low compared to some congentially lazy folks and chronically apathetic. and as for trademark venom, half of today's quota has been spewed at someone called speakmymind in response to his comment to your Deconstructing Sonia post. VENOHM. totaal venom. now im' sounding like bane. anyway, this venomous comment is longer than some of the posts i have written. check it out. hisss....

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, bekku. BYW, anonymous could reveal a lil bit of his/her identity. Who knows, may be we have another illustrious animal in our rebellious jungle. Wat say Anonymous?

Anonymous said...


Shenoy said...

THIS anonymous, the one who gave us a good rogues gallery and one who seems to know at least one Unpanishadic mahavakya definitely sounds like a welcome addition. Don’t know about the other anonymouses. BTW THIS anonymous, all said and done, we live in a world of maya. Don’t think we’ve yet stripped away everything to be able as yet to say Aham Brahmasmi. So till we live in this world of maya our ‘that’ in Tat Tvam Asi is still describable in terms of the society and the world we live in viz. name, profession, maybe religion, native place and other such details that we use to orient ourselves in this world. So what’s your ‘tat’?

Anonymous said...

Bekku, suggest a name that I should use to distinguish myself with the other anonymous

Shenoy said...

Hi Anonymous who gave us good rogues gallery and espouses Advaita, here's a short list based on the fact that you'd rather stay in the shadows kind of thing. Take your pick. let us other animal know.
• Hidden Dragon
• Little Owl
• Laughing Hyena
welcome to our menagerie