Friday, November 18, 2005

Save rainwater, avoid AIDS.

Me thinks this is one of the best pics of me. Courtesy my friend Prashanth. Location: Munzarabad Fort, Sakleshpur. And this is Prashanth up to some monkey tricks. Location: Somewhere near Shimoga.

Nice trip that was. Left at the drop of a hat…through the western ghats, a quick dip in the river, through to Maravanthe, stay at Turtle Bay..onwards to Kollur, and back again through Shimoga. Yes, two good days spent on the road. And yes, one of the trucks we passed had the ‘Save rainwater, avoid AIDS’ message painted on it, punctuation and all. If you figure it out, do share the revelation.


Anonymous said...

Oh! is that you?..Finally we get to see the great blogger.."The Man"..But hopefully for lowly mortals like us,next time you will not show us your rare(!) side and let us have a good look at your face and the object that holds all that(!) grey matter..
Prashant's pic is kinda cute :)

Shenoy said...

who needs another ugly mug? Definitely not me! and great blogger?!! me?? surely you jest. i know you do. and as far as rare sides and grey matter is concerned...i ain't blowing up my head. and i'll pass on your comment to prashanth, if he's not already seen it.