Monday, February 15, 2010

Suryange torcha?

Literally that would mean ‘don’t show torchu to the sun-nu’. It’s a series of aphorisms (?) in Kannada slang whose closest English equivalent – in terms of import – would be ‘Don’t teach your grandfather how to f**k’ or more politely, ‘don’t try to teach the teacher’ or in certain cases/context ‘don’t bring coals to newcastle’. Very handy when used well. Disregarding the force-fit ones (Artistgey sketcha?, Autogey stand-a? etc.) here are my favourites, in no particular order:
1. Suryange torcha?
2. Conductorgey ticketa?
3. Ravi Chandrangey remake-a?
4. Hajaamangey haircut?
5. Gomateshwarangey show na?
….and *drum roll*….
6. Deve Gowdagey sleeping tableta?
Take your pick. Use liberally. Prefixing ‘nimmajji loafer…!’ to any of the above, optional.
If you have more, feel free to add on the list, leave a comment. Variety is spicier and all that.


Nitin said...

- GowDange muddena??
- SuLege rape-aa??

clemenzie said...

Tirupathi gey laddu na
Tirunelveli gey halwa na
Rajni gey style aa
Veerapan gey meesay na
Kashinath gey double meaning aa
Sachin gey century na