Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nomad out of nowhere

Not the best, but amongst the better photographs I have taken during my various travels.
Somewhere amidst the barren beauty of the Tibetan plateau, between Saga and Paryang. Date: Late September, 2008. Camera: Canon EOS300 Analog SLR.


GuNs said...

That is a great photo, my man. I don't know why but I can never seem to get such great sharpness and that spot-on white balance that is the greatest differentiator between amateur and professional photographers.

I was pretty close to this place myself. I went to Nepal for Christmas/New Year. Pictures on my blog. I'd love to know your views on them.


Shenoy said...

thanks man. but i am no professional by any stretch of the imagination. one of those times that you just get lucky i guess. saw your nepal photos, and some of them are as nice! so there you go. no amateur or professional here eh?

MM said...

So you DID go in the end.


Shenoy said...

yep. go i did. 40-odd days of blissful wandering, by myself, but not alone.