Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Revisiting the continuing adventures of Romantic Lady Killer Man

He took her hand in his. Raised it to his lips. Like one would a glass of wine. Kissed it tenderly. Ah! He thought. Such a lovely hand. Too bad, he thought, that it should end this way. He gazed at her hand. Sparking green was the jade ring that he’d given to her. It looked better on her than anybody else he thought. And on this full moon night, out there amidst all the green, with the soft pale moonlight reflecting off her hand and the ring. What a lovely sight. Of all the women, this was the one he liked best. And what a lovely hand! What a waste! He steeled himself as he now had to do what he dreaded most. End it once and for all. This now, is the toughest part he knew. He held the ring between his fingers. With one swift motion, he yanked it off her hand. Sorry girl, he thought to himself, wish I could tell you how much I loved you. But he never did have the chance. He looked at the jade ring and put it in his pocket. Hope you don’t mind, my love, he said as he took one last look at her lovely red right hand and tossed it into the pit where it landed with a soft thud above the rest of her. Sigh! And only her love was on his mind as he started shovelling the wet sand over his latest love.


Anonymous said...

scary!hee hee...but somehow i like morbid stuff...thus the next comment: nice!

Anonymous said...

And yanking off a ring from a dead lady's arm is romantic???!!

Decent attempt at story telling but give me those feel-good stories any day.

Shenoy said...

morbid? sigh. and it was supposed to be romantic...moonlit night and all. :)
thanks for being of morbid leanings.

I know. I know. yanking off a ring from a dead lady's hand (which is no longer attached to the torso) is not half as romantic (as the other alternative ending i had in mind). should've just gone with that. in the other version our Romantic Lady Killer Man is indoors and is gazing at her oh-so-beautiful hand and sighs. for he wishes to see the rest of her but he's too lazy to do that. 'cos he'll have to dig her up all over again (the first time being his attempt to retrieve the ring, and the hand). the story ends with him sighing and saying "what if i mix-up the graves again.....?"

thanks for being the critic though.
will now head back to the sheets of paper. my next story is going to be about this young orphan who lives with her uncle (who is a widower) and how she finds an injured baby rabbit by the side of the babbling brook next to her sweet cottage and how she nurses the rabbit back to health. the story will most likely end with world peace being achieved through the efforts of the fairy godmother who contrives and succeeds in making our little heroine a media celebrity and a personification of all things that should be right with the world. there will be daffodils in the story. :)

MM said...

:D I like this Romantic Lady Killer Man. He is entertaining! More!