Friday, June 02, 2006


Freedom of expression. Ok. Then how come the ‘secularists’ baying and braying to get the Da Vinci Ccode banned are baying and braying to get Fanaa a proper release in Gujarat? General disconnect happening. Whatever.

We have our Sardarji jokes. The Europeans have their Polish jokes. And the Poles in Poland (which is 95% Catholic), or in other words, the Surds of Europe, are laughing at us because The Code is being asked to be banned, when in Poland it had a free run. And it is banned in Punjab. Wonder why it is so in the land of Sardarjis? Oh. Sorry. That explains it all.

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JP said...

AS far as I know, it was only various Xtian groups asking for the Code to be banned...point me to specific news items to clear up my misconception, if any?

Either way, freedom of speech away from the inter webs seems a pretty fragile privilege in these darkening years.