Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Have a drink with Hitler, Churchill, Lenin and Che

Get high on hitler. Yes, our dear fuehrer now has his own line of wine. And it’s brought to you by Lunardelli. And of course it’s banned in Germany. There’s also Himmler, Hess, Sepp Dietrich, Rommel and other luminaries to choose from. You can also get your own ‘seductive Eva’. The wine’s all the same, but the bottle is not.

Ok. So you have a thing against Hitler (oh-he-killed-jews). No bother! Choose from the other Axis figurehead – The Duce. They also offer you Napoleon, if you so wish. And for those with allied sympathies, you can get your own Churchill. Or maybe you prefer the communist spirit? Choose from Stalin, Lenin and Marx. For the revolutionarily spirited, we present Che. Drink to the revolution!!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering...if you also get the other variants like Pu yi, Nicholas and Lennox!

Shenoy said...

now that! would be a heady mix. but unfortunately they do not, you could get one with almost everybody in it – marilyn, martin luther king, laurel and hardy, manedla, mrs.G, mao, elvis kennedy and many more. just follow the link in the post an check it out!