Monday, July 03, 2006

he too a blogger

Among other things, yours truly is also the official compiler [and editor] of a magnum opus full of aphorisms called “Life’s immutable rules according to JG’s parameters”, expected to be published any century now. As of today, it contains exactly one rule, “You can dance to Ironmaiden if you know the cha-cha-cha.” And the JG in question just happens to a friend of mine called Jubin George, and he too a blogger now. Take a look at his profile later. An avid Steinbecker, he can usually be found in the heavy-duty literature section at random bookstores across the city. And just when self thought "ok cool...almost figured out..." he comes up with this blog and the writing just is top-rate, in calrity of thought and style.

Religiously, he’s so pro-Christ, he believes the last true Christian died on the cross, no wonder he’s anti-church. This fellow’s a thinker, he is. He’s also a Commie. And as everybody knows, you can only be two of three things at a time: Intelligent, Honest and Communist. Find out which two, post by interesting post, at Jubin’s own Paradox Paradise. Like i said, he's a thinker. He thinks he's right. :)
And in other news, the football World Cup unfortunately ended days before its scheduled ending. Four years more.