Thursday, January 19, 2006

music with teeth

It's got everything – nice guitar riffs and groovy bass lines, basically good use of instruments, nifty distortions in all the right places, intelligent arrangement and other such dhinchak that makes for a great song, nay great music, topped up as it is with the vocal virtuosity of Pankaj Awasthi. It's called Khuda ka Wasta. Oops! sorry. Yes! it is a hindi track. So those of you who are prejudiced against anything that has Hindi lyrics, stop reading, and get back to your Ironmaiden. But those of you who love music, read on.

Not wanting to spend the rest of his life staring down mouths of people, this dentist gave up dentistry and decided to get into music. And this is, i guess, the most significant landmark of his so far. This album called Nine. Even the fact that certain illiterate entities insist on erroneously calling it sufi music does not take away anything from this song. You might remember the song 'tera hi karam' from the John Abraham starrer Karam. The vocalist on that is not Kailash Kher as many think, but Pankaj Awasthi. Even if his vocals were underused, the potential just shone through and it culminates in this song called Khuda ka Wasta. So just right click on this, and do a 'save target as'. And once it's safely ensconced in your hardisk, listen at your leisure and for your pleasure. As Uppi saar would say, "yella wokay, aironmaydehn yaake?"


lak said...

man o man. how i love this song. another song that i love is "the Last Beat". Shows his versatality.

Shenoy said...

yes ali, that it does. and the whole album. just wish he could breach into the "mainstream" if not for anything than to kick DJ Doll's arse