Thursday, March 06, 2014

NOT an open letter, but a heartfelt plea to Mr. Nandan Nilekani

Dear Mr. Nandan Nilekani,
It’s all become very creepy, very stalker-y now. It isn’t even funny any longer. You stare at me from hoardings all over the place on the roads I take, your face grins at me from all the webpages I visit, you smile at me from all over my FB timeline through your sponsored posts. If Big Brother was to be given a face today, I would give it yours. Though you’re not into surveillance and tracking (one hopes). The only thing left is for me to look in the mirror and see your face there also (Though that would an improvement on this mug of mine, still I don’t want it to happen). Sir, even Mr. Shahrukh Khan didn't try to stuff promote a bad product down our collective throats this much when he was hardselling promoting Ra.One. And that's saying a lot, wouldn't you agree? Surely that's not a record you want to hold.

Fine sir, I yield, I yield! I WILL VOTE FOR YOU! And you only. You can trust me on that because I am from Bangalore South constituency from where you are planning to be Congress candidate. Happy now? But in return sir, I only ask one simple thing. Can you now please stop spamming us now? Please.

Yours in agony and spam,
T. Gautham Shenoy
Registered Voter with Voter ID (who will now vote for you now)
Bangalore South Constituency,


Rajiv Mathew said...


Jitha said...

Another step closer in bringing the world to Rahul Gandhi's feet

Anonymous said...

Wassup Jitha..what it is..

Shenoy said...

in other news, this here plea seems to have found its way into some articles.

Suman said...

please do not vote for Congress. Nandan has become a face of congress. if he is so much interested then let him stand as independent (he had every chance of standing as independent). Do not bring back the dynasty into my country and please do not spoil our next generations right to a better life