Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nailing Modi or your own coffin Ms. Setalvad?

The Teesta Setalvads and the Indra Jaisinghs of the world will never admit they have been defeated? And why should they? They have a clear agenda. And with the ‘secular’ (read selective) Indian electronic media as their personal bullhorns theirs is not a crusade that’s going to stop anytime soon, and more importantly, a crusade that will never be allowed to fade, operative word ‘allowed’. By the same people who fund this crusade (who else but the Communists!). The crusade is not anymore about justice, but a personal witch hunt. And this anti-Modi campaign will continue ad infinitum. Not even if the person in question, the esteemed ‘social activist’ Teesta Setalvad suffers ignominious setback after embarrassing setback. To put it mildly. And such shameful personalities who bring disrespect to any cause and disgrace to the NGO tag (but that’s not going to stop the communists, is it?) have honours like Padma Shri conferred on them (by their other paymasters, the Congress). What it also does is brings into doubt the real intentions of and the motives other ‘activists’, 'secular advocacy groups' ‘social workers’ and ‘NGOs’, and shame on civilian honours like the Padma awards (giving it to Ash and Aks is bad enough, why indignify it further?).

Last night the television screens were full of the Supreme Court’s directive to the SIT to probe Narendra Modi’s role in the Gujarat riots. What the news reports didn’t say was that that there is no clear role and Modi’s name is just one among 64 that have been asked to be probed. But going by the headlines, you would think that the crime has been established and all that needs doing is just some additional grunt by the SIT work to seal it all. That is farthest from the truth. These same news channels didn't make a brouhaha, and instead quietly scrolled the news as a formality, when our esteemed social activist and secular samurai Ms.Setalvad was hauled up for cooking up killings, fabricating riot instances and incidents and tutoring witnesses. Read all about it here. And this article here. Of course of course there was a swift rebuttal (the same defensive backfoot mentality and with the same modus operandi that did not acknowledge the findings of the Nanavati Commision which had given a clean chit to Modi by saying it was state-sponsored). But that too was demolished when one of the people who reported the news, Dhananjay Mahapatra, countered Setalvad’s claim that the report in question – that finally nailed the truth behind the fabricated tragedies and sham witnesses – was a state govt note and not one prepared by the SIT. He reiterated and rebutted the by saying that it was in fact taken from the SIT report. Read the rebuttal of Setalvad’s false claims here. So much for wishful thinking on the part of the pseudo-intellectual secularists. The Zaheera Sheik incident where Setalvad was almost put behind bars for pressurising her 'star witness' doesn’t seem to have taught this activist anything. Maybe she confused (the SC Committee’s) exoneration with permission. To do more of the same.

The question here is not whether there are guilty parties or not. Of course there are. You cannot just wish away the riots or what happened on the Sabarmati Express. The crusade is justified, but it has been turned into an anti-Modi campaign more than a fight for justice. And this undermines the cause of justice and takes the focus away from the real issue at stake. The real reasons for the riots and the perpetrators thereof. To try and make an example is one thing, but these people need to choose their examples and their targets well. Paradoxically enough, whenever the issue of Godhra comes back into national focus, it only seems to do good to Modi and somehow works to Modi’s advantage. Let’s see what happens this time around. Let’s see what the the SIT says this time around. Update in three months.

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