Tuesday, April 18, 2006

These might be highly incidental to the core issue of the Narmada dam(s), but these peripheral fallouts have been good:
• More people now know NBA stands for Narmada Bachao Andolan, and not just the National Basketball Association
• They know there exists a river called Narmada
• We all got to see Ms. Nafisa Ali scream her guts out on TV all virulent and vehement about nothing. We know she has a good voice.
• We now know Ms. Ali is more anti-Modi than pro-NBA (the Andolan, not the Association), and that Modi once called her a 5-star activist
• It has been proven that celebrities can turn "Activists" in less than 2 days flat
And this! Which could just mean that all the farmers who went in for the cheaper and more effective option of colas as opposed to actual pesticides might just be right

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shenoy said...

corrigendum: the name above should read Nafisa Ali and not Nafisa Joseph. Call it muscle memory. Or sheer stupidity or carelessness.